Here is a little background

Yooo, I'm Yuri Diogo and I'm a developer. Coding taught me to be more creative, focused and comprehensible. I like to invest my time learning new things about programming and how I can apply it to real projects, and I believe that the only way to really learn is building real projects. Come and take a look at some of my work and enjoy your time.


Project Wild Rift Fast Draft

Wild Rift Fast Draft

Fast Draft offers only relevant information for a quick and effective "draft" (champions selection in a ranked game) in the game League of Legends - Wild Rift. When clicking on a champion's card, a modal is opened, displaying information such as Strong vs, Weak vs, and Synergy. All information has been obtained from official League of Legends websites. No more suffering in your Drafts!

Project Next Portfolio

Next Portfolio

A well designed, clean and beautiful professional portfolio. You can see some of my old projects by the projects page and so appreciate the hand made background. Built using Next, React and Tailwindcss.

Project Spring User Auth with JWT

Spring User Auth with JWT

This project is an API built using Java, Spring Boot, PostgresSQL as the database, and Spring Security and JWT for authentication control. Have features like user registration and login with JWT authentication, password encryption using BCrypt, role-based authorization with Spring Security, customized access denied handling, logout mechanism and refresh token.


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